BuzzBite SR Crankbait 5 cm Fire Craw 6g

BuzzBite SR Crankbait 5 cm Fire Craw 6g

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Westin BuzzBite SR - the deadly BuzzBite are some of the hottest crankbaits to hit perch fishing in a long time. All the key features are here – a tight wobble, quick-diving without pulling hard, a highly detailed design, quality components, and realistic eyes. Its neutral buoyancy allows you to pause your retrieve and let the lure suspend in position, increasing its appeal to wary fish. Almost silent with a high-frequency rattling action adds to the fish-catching attraction. Monster perch will practically be throwing themselves at your bait! Designed for perch and trout fishing but equally deadly for zander and pike.

Westin BuzzBite SR Main Features: 

  • Material: ABS plastic 
  • Lead free 
  • Tight aggressive swimming action 
  • Ultra-sharp carbon steel hooks 
  • Wire-through-lip construction 
  • Realistic eyes 
  • Hand painted detailed colors 
  • Running depth: 1-2 m & 1-2.5 m 
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